Wednesday, March 19, 2008

HisByHer -- I'd Rather Be a Blogger Than a Logger!!!!

OK!!! This is a little tickler. I'll be posting a great blog......but not today. I'm too tired right now.

You can expect it by Monday.

In the meantime........... I want to show you some great HisByHer pieces from the SPRING collection.

Do you want clothes that are fresh and sexy for spring? Are you tired of never worn pieces that cram up your closet? GET RID OF THEM!!!! Start anew. BUY the spring collection of HisByHer Womenswear Inspired By Him.

This step will make you feel great about yourself. It's like lifting the weight off your shoulders. In mint green, original and fresh designs and expert tailoring, HisByHer IS the woman with style and confidence ..... it IS the feminine woman who is strong and sexy!!!!

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